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Demo our Cart Mounted GPS

With an average of only

$0.28 per round 

it is affordable for ANY Course!


Worried about the Cart Batteries? Check out our Solar Solution 

The GPS is Powered by an ultra slim solar panel that is mounted 

on the cart roof.  Not affecting the battery warranty whatsoever


The Affordable Cart Mount GPS System

Cart Golf GPS System is affordable for ANY Course.  It is simple, effective, 

and very low maintenance for the golfer and staff.  Increasing the golfer's 

experience and giving them another reason to come back to your course.

  Features.pdf              Pictures.pdf

GPS Features 
  • Yardages to Center, Front, and Back of the Green
  • Yardages to key hazard points - ex. bunkers, ponds, and creeks
  • Call ahead ordering to the Snack Bar
  • Warning to golfers when they get too close to the green
  • Hole by Hole advertising
  • Increased pace of play
  • Automatically updates hole by hole
  • Hands free operation
  • Advertising revenue
  • Promotion of own products and services
  • Increased cart rentals
  • The Golfer loves it
  • Increase in snack bar orders




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